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We are a husband and wife team who have been entrenched in the interior design industry our entire lives. Both had parents who pioneered the ceramic tile industry in the 1990's and while Anthony joined his father to start DOUGLAS JONES mosaics in late 1999, health issues meant he had to retire from the family business in 2019. He has maintained his passion for decorative surface finishes of all forms and has managed to back this up with a diploma in interior design.

Jackie, on the other hand has been the creative genius behind the ORIGIN8 brand and not only consults with Anthony on all projects, but also is a highly respected designer specializing in colours and textures required in order to deliver on clients mandate provided. A dynamite team, driven by a love for artistic surfaces in the design field - and of course, a love for each other.

We believe in 3 principles to success : 


The completion of a successful project is not possible without all parties taking the time and making the effort to work together towards a common goal - which is to deliver on the project mandate 


It is so easy to get carried away with incredible options for a solution but we respect the fact that PERSONAL TASTES, FINANCIAL BUDGETS and other factors do have the potential to derail the connection established in the beginning. We will always respect comments and opinions and use them to benefit the project.


While we maintain our PASSION is what drives us, the best way for us to truly exhibit this passion is by offering more than what is expected.

Efficient (or effective) communication can be monitored and/or evaluated in so many ways.

We feel that communication is closely linked to the connection established in the start of the project.

Together with respect, these three principles can never be mutually exclusive.



Anthony Douglas-Jones has been in the tile industry since joining his father, Robin, in 1999 at DOUGLAS JONES mosaics. Prior to this, Anthony had been working as a Foreign Investment consultant at Old Mutual for two years after completing a BComm Degree at the University of Stellenbosch.

Anthony explains that the idea to start ORIGIN8 began in August 2008 (08/08) but decided to delay that launch to the Southern African market as the world was battling to come to grips with an unpredictable environment post the international market collapse of 2008.

The time between 2008 and the eventual introduction of the company 10 years later in 2018 (with the first introductory meeting taking place on 08/08 of this year) was one of intense research into the actual needs of the Southern African market.

The eventual launch was both exciting and challenging as Anthony explains,

” the challenge was to break down and then rebuild the common thought on tile décor thinking. The options are in fact limitless, regardless of one’s budget. The future is bespoke, expressive, personal….”