In 1956 Renato Bisazza established his mosaic manufacturing business in Vicenza, Italy. More than 60 years later, his company remains, arguably, the most recognized name in glass mosaics around the world. The name is synonymous with quality,


We have chosen some of the greatest tile and mosaic fashion houses from Europe as part of our extensive catalogue. We have a dedicated buying team that travels the globe to source these premium products we promote.
Products are sourced directly from these factories - affording us the opportunity to ensure the very best prices to go with the quality.
These top International Brands (some of which are featured below) CREATE rather than follow global trends.


Born from the concrete controversy, KAZA was founded in 2012 in a historically artistic hamlet just outside of Budapest, Hungary. This is a factory that has successfully rebranded an industrial material as a luxurious one through striking an impeccable balance between artistry and craftsmanship, design and engineering.
More than just a manufacturing facility, KAZA serves as a design, research and development lab (CON-CREATE) facilitating the creation of unique collections, bespoke tile designs, and offering material, colour, pattern and style consultation

Beginning in 1995, as a local marble handcraft company
in Malo, Italy, where founder Marcello Bressan was focused on creating the best in artistic stone craftsmanship.
Today, the second generation of the family has successfully continued on this path by integrating the latest technology, blending modern execution
with the Italian heritage of unparalleled artisan stonework, opening the door to a new realm of possibilities for designers and architects.